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The demand for simple plant-based proteins is on the rise! The processed versions had their day, now let’s get to clean eating! Noble Bean consists of 4 ingredients: organic non-gmo soybeans, Rhizopus culture, water & lactic acid.


Our tempeh is prepared according to the ancient Indonesian methods. It is unprocessed and unpasteurized. It allows the consumer complete control of the added ingredients. They can therefore control the salt, fat and sugar added during the marinating and cooking process. It is sold at a very affordable price point, in the frozen section - which allows for a great shelf-life – bonus!

Tempeh on the rise


Sylvain Charlebois

Canada’s National Observer:

‘’Federal research from 2022 indicates that nearly half of Canadians are trying to eat more plant-based foods.’’ "At the end of the day, it's all about cutting costs, making the product more natural (and) with less sodium," [Dr. Sylvain] Charlebois explained. "That's what the entire industry is battling for. "Adding research into less processed plant-based products created using fermented or cellular meat and dairy and other ingredients like mushrooms looks promising. I don't think vegetable proteins are dead. It's actually the opposite," he said.

Article first appeared in Canadian Grocer’s September/October 2023 issue:


Move over, tofu! Tempeh dates to 16th century Indonesia and is made by fermenting soybeans and forming them into a firm, dense, cakelike product that can be sliced, crumbled, or cubed. Nicole Ensoll, registered holistic nutritionist and category manager at Ontario grocer Nature’s Emporium, says the fermentation of the legume improves “its digestibility, ensuring that your body can efficiently absorb its goodness.”


That goodness includes “amino acids, essential B vitamins, and vital minerals such as iron and calcium.” Higher in protein content than tofu with a “nutty flavour,” Ensoll calls it “an excellent meat alternative.” Recipe for success! To maximize the sales potential, “demonstrate for consumers how easy tempeh is to prepare,” says Kathy Perrotta, vice-president of market strategy and understanding with Ipsos Canada. Nature’s Emporium, which carries Lightlife, Henry’s Tempeh and Noble Bean Tempeh, is collaborating with “nutrition experts to develop and share recipes” featuring tempeh on social media, says Ensoll.

Creamy sweet potato noodles with tempeh
Ginger tempeh sauté
Crispy maple tempeh bacon
Tempeh burger
Michael and Liam Makhan, new owners of Noble Bean

Brothers Michael and Liam Makhan, who own and operate vegan restaurant Aux Vivres in Montreal, bought Noble Bean Tempeh in 2014. Available in Original, 3 Grains, Quinoa & Sesame, and Sea Vegetables, Michael Makhan says, “our brand has experienced significant expansion,” with grocery sales up 17% since 2020. Noble Bean Tempeh is sold in select IGA, Metro, Avril Supermarché Santé, Walmart and Provigo locations.


Put the “Plant” Back in “Plant-Based” The OGs of plant-based cuisine are making a comeback, putting the “veggie” back in your veggie burger and shrinking labels all over the plant-based category. We’re seeing new and emerging protein-forward products with mushrooms, walnuts, tempeh and legumes in place of complex meat alternatives. Even plant-based milk alternatives are participating, with some brands simplifying labels to just two ingredients — perfect for the vegetarian purist




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