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Noble Beans 4 flavour profiles

A Little History

Tempeh is one of the few soy foods not originating in China or Japan. Instead, tempeh is believed to have first been prepared on the island of Java in Indonesia, hundreds of years ago. 

Trade between Indonesia and China was well established as early as 1000 AD and soybeans could have been a part of those trading practices. We also know that a fermentation process used for coconut was already being practiced in China and that this process may have been adapted for use with soybeans.

It would not have been uncommon for individuals in Java, China, Japan, or Korea to think about food preparation in terms of fermentation. Fermented foods had become a well-established part of Asian cuisines for several thousand years, and it's most sensible to think about tempeh as a part of this fermented food tradition.

Original tempeh

Better Than Tofu?

  • Tempeh is comparable to chicken in terms of quantity and quality of protein

  • Tempeh contains all the essential amino acids

  • Tempeh is high in B vitamins, calcium, essential fatty acids and fiber

  • Tempeh contains soy isoflavones that strengthen bones and reduce risk of coronary disease

  • Tempeh provides digestive benefits from enzymes created during the fermentation process

  • Tempeh is a versatile plant-based superfood, which can replace any meat protein in your favorite recipe


Dear Noble Bean distributors, retailers and customers,


After an amazing 34 years of making tempeh, Allan and Susan Brown are ready to pass on their great legacy to the new owners of Noble Bean. So, who are these new owners anyway, you might ask? Well, you could say that we're Noble Bean's greatest fans. We're two young restauranteurs from Nova Scotia who have owned and operated Montreal's vegan restaurant "Aux Vivres" for more than 20 years.

Aux Vivres translates into "the good, and the source of life". We feel like we are the perfect marriage of Noble Bean and Aux Vivres, and are thrilled to get things started. We met Allan and Susan several years ago and started using tempeh in our recipes. Our customers loved it and the demand for tempeh grew each year. We found ourselves making bigger and bigger orders from Noble Bean. To make a long story short, we were the perfect match when Noble Bean was searching for someone to carry on their great tradition of tempeh making.


We’ve built a new state of the art tempeh facility in the heart of Montreal. We‘re committed to producing the finest organic and non-GMO tempeh using the techniques that have been passed on to us from our original tempeh heroes.

You may be wondering if anything has changed? Well the packaging has changed and we are offering a few amazing new products. Has the quality changed? Not one bit.

We are focused on producing only the best tempeh for you and all of our customers. Welcome to the next generation of Noble Bean.

- Michael and Liam Makhan

Michael and Liam Makhan, new owners
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